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Check out our wide selection of virtual classes offered Monday through Friday every week! Each class is designed to improve skill acquisition, personal choice, socialization, creativity, independence, and more! Receive a $10 discount for every five classes you purchase. If you are paying out of pocket for virtrual classes, please use the registration form and selection method below.

If you choose to register for Virtual Classes using Waiver funding, registration has closed. If you would like to be notified when registration reopens later this fall, click here to send an email and be put on the mailing list.

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Upcoming Classes

Art Jam

Let’s jam out to music while making art! Jazz and scrapbooking, rock and origami, 80s pop and painting… the options are endless! We will introduce a new theme each week as we explore different music genres and art projects. The DJ takes requests! Art supplies are needed to participate in the art portion. Suggested materials include: colored pencils, markers, play-doh/clay, crayons, paper, glue, scissors, magazines, and watercolors/fingerpaints. If you do not have all of these supplies, no worries! A pen and paper will do just fine. At the end of class, everyone will be asked to participate in a round of show-and-tell.

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Book Club

This class would offer participants the opportunity to explore new books and poems to expand reading and communication skills while enjoying literature as a group. Participants are all given a chance to both read and listen, as well as to share their thoughts and preferences. Students will practice writing skills and creativity using basic literary devices such as rhyming, alliteration, and similes.

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Drawing is one of the most basic yet important tools of any artist. Learning how to draw out one's thoughts is necessary while putting artistic vision in action. This class is intended to build fine motor skills and to learn how we can transform an image using the power of the pencil. This class is suitable for participants at all skills levels and with a wide variety of physical abilities. Drawing experience not required!

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Epic Reading

Each week, we will vote on which story to read and then take turns reading. This class is aimed to help maintain and improve reading comprehension, and also great for individuals who love picture books and the company of their friends!

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Stuck inside with nothing to do? Come play games with us! We have plenty of classic and engaging games to play: hangman, Jenga, Scategories, Uno, and anything you recommend! This class is designed to promote socialization, communication, and movement. The ultimate goal is to enjoy each others’ company and have fun!

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Garage Band

Let’s explore music’s various styles in order to gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for all types of music. Participants will work together to compose and edit their own song. During this time the class will learn about melodies, rhythms and many different styles of music. Start looking around your house for a pot to bang on or some spoons to rattle. Get creative and have a blast creating your very own hit song.

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Greeting Card Making

Instead of standing at the store looking for the right greeting card, make your own! Staff will precut all cards before class and deliver the months’ worth to your home at the beginning of each month. Staff will instruct and demonstrate how to attach pieces and where to attach them on the cards. The group will spend time discussing who they would like to send the card to and work on writing a message inside of the card. Then, share your creation with the group!

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Healthy Living

Join us for a conversation-based course and learn more about nutrition, healthy habits, and so much more! This class is designed to start/continue the journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Hobby Exploration

Want to spice up your daily routine? After being at home under quarantine for so long, you may have run out of activities that hold your interest. If that’s the case, then this class is for you! Join us each week as we explore new hobbies that you can add to your lifestyle. From collecting fun items to creating origami, the options are endless!

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Let's Travel the World

Time to expand your horizons and learn something new about this big world we live in! This class will explore the culture, food, art, practices, and environment of different places on the map. Participants will learn how a combination of different factors can create a unique and thriving culture. The class will be a combination of conversation, videos, presentations, hypothesis making, and activities. Hop on board and travel the world with us!

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Life Skills

There’s no place like home…let’s make it our own! Join us as we discuss, create, and discover ways to live a happy and independent lifestyle. Participants will work on domestic/home and personal care skills, life management, safety, and so much more!

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Movement Minute

During quarantine, opportunities to move and stretch our bodies may be limited. Join this class and take time for yourself to stretch out and feel good. Your participation will be accommodated by a variety of movement techniques, games, and social interaction. Improve body awareness, mobility and motility, and give your body the exercise and fitness it deserves!

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Music Production

This class focuses on interactive music based on an online program called Soundation. The class will incorporate synced input from clients, and provide the participants the ability to make their own songs and cover versions of popular songs.

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Nature Class

Let’s discover nature on our planet! Students will learn about their natural environment that surrounds them and explore exotic biolife found in different parts of the world. Students will communicate with peers and staff throughout class as well as focus on socialization skills and personal choice.

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Self Discovery

Have you ever wanted to become the best version of yourself? Now is the time to look on the inside and discover how beautiful you are. This class will take participants on a journey of self-discovery. Through creating vision boards, journaling, deep thought questions, and gratitude prompts participants can improve their self-confidence and perception of themselves.

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All are welcome to sing along, clap, dance, or just listen in and hang out with friends! Participants will take turns making requests as our music teachers bring their talents and backgrounds to mix, encouraging everyone to participate and have fun!

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Social Hour

During this time of isolation, join us and socialize with your peers. We will facilitate icebreaker questions to get the conversation started and give everyone a chance to speak their mind!

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Space Exploration

Put on your spacesuit and buckle up, we’re headed to the stars! This class will explore the beauty and wonder our galaxy has to offer, along with creating a story about your “new” planet. Using a variety of websites and videos, let’s check out NASA and some of their locations such as Wallops Island or the Houston Space Museum. Some fine motor skills may be required to navigate certain activities, and some participants may benefit from hand-over-hand assistance from a caregiver or adaptive technology. Activities can be customized based on existing technology skills.

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Join us for a romping round of interactive trivia! We will divide into teams and take turns answering fun and educational questions. Topics include science, history, state facts, monthly facts, music, movies, Disney, and more!

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Virtual Museum Tours

Each class, we will put on our tourist hats and explore an online virtual museum! Together, the instructor and class participants will navigate the various features presented by the online portal, finding the cultural content most related to the theme of the class. In addition, we will collectively choose an artwork that sparks interest among the group and attempt to mimic it using the art media available to each participant.

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Relaxation and exercise come together during this adaptive yoga class. Each yoga pose will be verbally instructed and demonstrated, helping participants to stretch out particular muscles while also practicing coordination skills. Breathing exercises and meditation practices will be incorporated to help calm the mind and body. Everyone can participate! Adaptive movements and poses will be provided as needed.

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